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       深圳华墨国际设计有限公司创立于 2013 年,为地产商、酒店投资商提供室内设计及艺术陈设提供专业的配套服务。 设计范畴遍及精品酒店、会所、售楼处、高级餐厅等公共空间,地产样板房、别墅及甲级写字楼等。 华墨国际秉承回归永恒 空间美学的设计理念,坚持作品的独创性,不盲目趋从流行。华墨以艺术回归生活为使命,在功能需求的基础上希望为客户提供更多可供参考和探讨的路。在设计中,华墨善于发掘传统文化中的可能性,赋予每个设计以鲜明的个性和旺盛的生命力 , 以此建立行业标杆。 华墨以专业设计为己任,优质服务为核心,科学管理为基础,每一位设计师都是公司引以自豪的重要财富,创造优秀设计作品,不断创新及超越,更是华墨坚持不懈对设计工作的追求。 华墨视与客户结成的友谊为伟大成就,每一个客户都是值得尊重和重视的朋友,多年来吸引了众多志同道合的合作伙伴。目前公司运作进入稳步发展阶段,在与国内外知名设计公司多次合作的经历中拓展了设计师的国际化视野,深得业界信誉。


      Shenzhen Hua Mo International Design Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013, providing professional services for real estate and hotel investors in interior design and art furnishings. The design scope covers public spaces such as The Inn Boutique, clubs, sales offices, senior restaurants, real estate model rooms, villas and grade A offices. China ink international adhering to the "return to eternal space aesthetics" design concept, adhere to the originality of the works, do not blindly become popular. Hua Mo takes art as a mission to return to life. On the basis of functional requirements, he hopes to provide more reference and exploration for customers. In the design, Chinese ink is good at exploring the possibility of traditional culture, giving each design a distinctive personality and vigorous vitality, so as to establish industry benchmarks. Chinese ink with professional design as its responsibility, quality service as the core, scientific management as the basis, each designer is the company is proud of the important wealth, create excellent design works, innovation and transcendence, is the persistent pursuit of the design work of Chinese ink. The friendship between Chinese and Chinese and customers is a great achievement. Every customer is a friend worthy of respect and attention. For many years, we have attracted a lot of like-minded partners. At present, the operation of the company has entered the stage of steady development. It has expanded the international vision of the designer in the experience of many famous design companies at home and abroad and has gained the reputation of the industry.